Servo Motor Button Attaching Machine MAX-M838

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1. One machine can use 3 sets of different molds , so the mould can be easily switched, and it is more suitable for the production with fewer batches and more varieties.

2. Using servo motor and intelligent drive can make the machine with higher efficiency and energy saving

3. The concentricity of the lower mold can be adjusted, which completely solves the phenomenon of different cores existing in machining parts

4. The workers work with safety device, light and laser positioning lamp will be more safe

Technical Parameters

Working voltage: AC220V 50-60HZ

Motor power: 750W

Drive mode:  Servo motor drive

Button pressure: 150-800KG

Working range: 35mm

Available mold: 3 sets

Protection way: Intelligent safety device+ program detection device

Positioning device: lighting + laser positioning lamp


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