Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine MAX-930T

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1.Adopt PLC easy to read, high-definition touch multi-function display which show the speed, temperature, operation and programming more clearly.

2.Automatic temperature control, high stability, temperature fluctuations ± 1 ℃, the upper temperature alarm design, protection of heat pipe.

3.Use upper and lower pressure transmission chain synchronous transmission, automatic compensation virtual position, automatic micro-retreat function, reduce the pressure blank.

4.According to ergonomic design of dual foot control procedures, comfortable operation, and easy fatigue, suitable for long operation.

5.unique heat pipe structure, wind into by the filter, no water and oil.

6.Automatic micro-retreat function, according to the needs of the length of the set, automatic belt, cut tape, improve product quality.

7. Automatic cutting belt, conveyor belt and automatic tail belt to reduce material loss.

8.Strengthen square, super operating space.

9. Lower prop unique ultra-thin design, suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized production sealing band.

10.According to customer needs can be set length, automatic cutting belt.

Technical Parameters


PowerAC 220V 50/60Hz

Rated power: 3KW

Meating power: 2.7KW

Speed: 1~20m/min

Compressed air: 0.35~0.5 Mpa

Upper pressure wheel lift distance:10~30mm

Size: L1250mm×W610mm×H1550mm

Net weight: 115kg

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